Amaia McGlinn

RYT Herbalist

Amaia McGlinn

About Amaia McGlinn

Arise Staff

“That dream that feels out of reach, chase it. And, unapologetically be yourself along the way” – Amaia

Amaia is the Herbalist of our Herbal Pharmacy. She has always had a love for the plant world. She intuitively has the special touch to nurture them & help them nurture. She finds growth & connection when working with our plant friends. She is also a Registered Yoga Teacher through the Himalayan Tradition. She will be the bright face assisting you with our herbal formulas & guiding you through your yoga class. 

She brings with her experience, knowledge & a true gift of transformation! Amaia has been a part of the growth of our herbal pharmacy for the last few years. She is continuing her education with Integrative Health Sciences and can’t wait to share all she has learned within her own growth!