Upcoming Workshops & Certifications

Arise offers a variety of health and wellness workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics including Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupressure, meditation, herbal medicine and more! Explore our workshops to learn and experience a personal, in depth dive into ancient wisdom!

Ryan Hader & the Backwards Echo Band Kirtan

Ryan Hader has been crafting his unique brand of musical mantra magic for almost two decades. Together with the Backward Echo Band, Ryan offers regular Kirtan events featuring call and response chanting of mantras rooted in ancient yogic traditions.

Embrace the radiant energy of love, healing, and community with this “musical mantra medicine”!

All are welcome!

Meditation in the Himalayan Tradition


Oct 25th, Nov. 1st & 8th | 6:00-7:00PM

During this introduction to the process of meditation, participants will be offered the basic theory of the meditation practice, methods of establishing an individualized meditation seat/posture, methods of relaxation, methods of breath practice, and experiences that will prepare participants to begin their meditation journey. This class is for anyone who is new to meditation or those who would like a refresher to bring themselves back to meditation.

These three sessions will invite participants to build their practice from class to class in a specific sequence with emphasis on the experiences of their meditation. Meditation offers an opportunity for self care of the mind and spirit, an opportunity to rest more fully, an opportunity for a change of pace set by our current and past distractions.

In this three-session Beginning Meditation course with Certified meditation Instructor Rita Darabosh, you will learn the following:

-The asana postures for establishing stillness in a seated position –the five qualities of healthy diaphragmatic breathing

-Systematic relaxation methods –the secret of stilling the “monkey” mind

-The mantra/sound that establishes a smooth and continuous breath

Mediation class meets for 3 consecutive Wednesdays

Women Arise! An Empowering + Connecting Circle


October 23rd | 5:30-7:00p

A wonderful opportunity for a community of women to experience personal growth, listening and reflection.

This circle is a place where all are equal.

Our circle honors speaking from the heart, honestly and openly. A safe place of non-judgment and confidentiality. A place to speak your truth and be heard or to just listen to others.

We will collectively speak to the question or topic. Listening fully with a willingness to grow, being open to the wisdom in each person, speaking from your own experience, thoughts, and feelings.
Throat Chakra will be the focus of this Empowering + Connecting circle. Communication, creativity, speaking your truth & voice expression

Rita Darabosh, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Acupressure Practitioner, and teacher of wellness and self-care modalities will guide this beautiful experience. You may contact Rita with any questions at

Pre-registration is required. After registering you will receive an email containing additional information. Please
read this information prior to the event. It is important to provide your email address when registering so you will receive this information. 

Please reach out to Rita via email if you would like to attend but are in need of financial assistance.

Joy Through Yoga workshop image.

Cultivating Joy Through Yoga


Oct. 15th, 9-10:30am

Joy is not solely dependent on external circumstances but can be cultivated through inner practices and shifts in perspective!

Find contentment and joy in the present moment, regardless of external factors. Cultivating joy is a journey that requires patience, self-compassion, and dedication to inner growth.

Together, we will learn ways to cultivate a sense of joy apart from happiness and individual pursuits. We will explore the recent research and wisdom teachings about joy & work through developing methods and awareness through postures and breath to experience joy in a fuller way!

Shelly is a licensed clinical social worker and registered yoga instructor. She started practicing yoga 25 years ago and teaching since 2018. Shelly brings her experiences as a clinician and from her dedicated yoga practice to assist participants with deepening their own self awareness and practice.

B.E. Goddess : Beautiful Empowered Goddess


October 20th-22nd

Awaken & Connect with Your Inner Goddess!

Enjoy the tranquil beauty of The Highland Farmhouse Retreat. Options to experience a fire ceremony, yoga, crystal work, massage, Reiki, Ayurveda, sound immersion & more!

Arrival : 10/20 at 6-6:30p – Departure : 10/22 at 10a

Gourmet catered nourishing meals : Saturday and Sunday

Snacks : Friday – Sunday

Drinks & Herbal drinks : Friday – Sunday

Friday night –

7p : Opening fire ceremony with intention setting

7:30p : Guided crystal education with the gift of a crystal bracelet of your choice to enrich your intention (option to purchase additional crystals)

8:30-9p : Evening socialization

9:15-9:45p Yoga Nidra with Aromatherapy

10p : Bedtime

Saturday –

Breakfast : 8-9a

9:15-10:15a : Arise + Shine Yoga class

10:15-10:45 : Inner Awakening Breathwork

10:45-12p : Free time

12-1p : Lunch

1p-4p :

(4) half hour session of each healing modality –

– Massage with Gina

– Stress Release Acupressure & Reiki with Rita

– Ayurveda & Inner Guidance with Stephanie

– Spirit Animal Readings/Akashic Records with Brittany

Free time

– Optional Chakra Tai Chi

– Reflection time in the garden

– Walking meditation

– Time to enjoy the farm animals

– Journaling

– Simply resting and being as you please

4p-5p : Reflection & Connection Circle

5-5:30p : Free time

5:30-6:30p : Dinner

7p – 8:30p : Gong Bath & Sound Immersion with Karen Pujals

8:30-9:30 : Free time / Fire Connection

10p: bedtime

Sunday –

7:30a-8:15 – : Breakfast

8:30-9:15a : Devotional Yoga Practice

9:15-9:30a : Guided meditation

9:30-9:45a : Closing circle

9:45a : Group photo

10-10:30a : Clean up / Departure

Magnify Your Power with Crystals!


September 27th | 5:30-6:30 pm

Founder of Soultech Sanctum and, Crystal K (yes, that’s her birth name) loves helping people unlock their intuition with sacred tools like crystals for emotional balance, mental stability, and spiritual expansion. Perhaps you’ve even seen friends and family members wearing her stunning Dance Of Duality jewelry collection, which features 100% Natural CrystalTech that is designed to support your deepest intentions.

Come discover how to tap into the power of crystals to empower your prayers, deepen your healing, and ignite your intentions. Come sit with me — a Crystal incarnate! Lol — and unlock your own intuition in how to work with crystals. You’ll learn how to “plug in” to crystals anywhere so that you feel their supportive power everywhere. Together, we’ll do guided crystal meditations and practices so that you get an experiential sense of what it feels like when crystals magnify your power! You will have the opportunity to purchase CrystalTech products if you wish or just come and learn with us!

Man doing Yoga Relaxation & Conscious Rest.

The Art and Science of Yoga Relaxation and Conscious Rest

Cost:Free to Unlimited Yoga Members | $49 for Non-members

October 4th | 5:30-7:00p

A deep-dive into the power of yogic relaxation and conscious rest to renew your energy, heal from burnout, and accelerate the benefits of your yoga practice.

There are many scientific studies now looking at the immense benefits of conscious relaxation (shavasana) and conscious rest. Shavasana is the most important pose to support your yoga practice, meditation practice and total wellbeing, yet shavasana practice is often skipped, truncated and misunderstood in popular yoga classes and styles across America.

Join Zach, and your fellow Arise Community, to learn the philosophy and science behind conscious rest to renew from burnout, and accelerate all the amazing benefits of your yoga practice.

We will:

  • Explore relaxation through an intentional yoga practice to deepen your understanding of the two fundamental concepts of any yoga practice (Effortless-Effort and Absorption).
  • See why relaxation is at the heart of accelerating the benefits of your yoga practice and a key preparation for meditation.
  • Learn key techniques and strategies to optimize your investment from your relaxation practice.
  • Get access to key systematic relaxation audio practices to support your at-home practice.
  • Introduce the power and practice of yogic sleep (yoga nidra) to explore further through systematic relaxation techniques.

A bit about Zach Ketterhagen

Zach Ketterhagen is an Executive Leadership Coach and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach. He works with yogi’s, light workers, executives, leaders, healers, and creatives to help them unlock their clarity and authentic leadership path so they can bring all of themselves to their unique purpose, mission and human experience. 

For the past 15+ years Zach was blessed to have studied and practiced with world renowned leaders of yoga, meditation, tantra, addiction and recovery, total wellbeing, business, purpose & drive, systems integration and more. It is in coaching and teaching leaders, creatives and heart-centered humans that Zach is practicing his highest dharma, impact and calling.

Zach is a tantra and yoga practitioner within the Sri Vidya Himalayan Tradition lineage of the Himalayan Institute. His passion is to support his client’s human experience no matter their faith, religion, or spiritual beliefs. 

Zach brings an immense amount of accessibility, energy and passion to his coaching and teachings to generate immense inspiration, passion, transformation and creative insight to enliven his client’s journey and clarity to support healing and their highest purpose. 

Zach’s wide array of coaching and teachings focus on supporting both the healing and empowering aspects of our human experience, including: transformational addiction and recovery, psychedelic integration, spiritual direction and development, clarity and leadership development, meditation, yoga, and more. Learn more at 

This workshop is FREE for Unlimited yoga members. Cost for non-members is $49 

Root to Rise Yoga + Live Music


October 28th | 10:00-11:30a

Led by Stephanie Matulle and Cody James

Ground within your inner stability!

Turn inward to connect with the strength within to rise through the darkness to reach the light, the beauty, your deepest inner potential.

The introspective and reflective nature of the fall season can be used as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. The inward feeling of fall, characterized by the changing leaves, cooler weather, and a sense of transition, serves as a metaphor for turning inward and connecting with one’s true self.

During this season, as nature goes through a period of shedding and transformation, we can similarly take time to shed any emotional baggage, reassess our goals, and delve deeper into our thoughts and feelings. This introspection can lead to a better understanding of oneself and one’s aspirations.

As this process unfolds, inner clarity and connection to one’s truest self can then be expressed outwardly with grace and confidence. 

Join us at the beautiful Oshkosh Country Club Event Center for yoga led by Stephanie Matulle & live music with Cody James! Afterward enjoy a cup of chai tea from Arise Balanced Wellness and snacks from TJ’s Highland!

All levels welcome!

Settle Into Stillness – Conscious Relaxation infused with Sacred Sound


September 29th

Come celebrate 12 years of leading Sound Journeys worldwide with us!

Nurture yourself and experience deep relaxation amidst an immersive soundscape provided by the soothing resonance of the handpan, harp, didgeridoo, multiple gongs, crystal singing bowls, and world percussion. A Sound Journey with Settle Into Stillness will induce physical, mental and emotional relaxation; cultivating a deep sense of calm and inner peace. Settle Into Stillness is joined by classically trained harpist Jaxon Casey, and lifelong percussionist and and handpan player Parker Horsch, to form the Settle Into Stillness Ensemble.

Each Sound Journey is crafted with love and intention. All are welcome, no prior experience with yoga or meditation necessary. 

Bio: Settle Into Stillness unites the healing power of deep relaxation with sacred sound. Settle Into Stillness was founded by Jeremy Arndt and Nancy Grzeszak, who met in 2011 and began traveling around the world together, sharing their passions of yoga and music through their Sound Journey events. Settle Into Stillness combines different world music instrumentation such as the handpan and didgeridoo with elements of gong baths and crystal singing bowls, creating an offering that remains unique amongst today’s mindfulness-based musical offerings.

Settle Into Stillness Ensemble events will only happen a few times per year, so be sure to sign up early and reserve your space so you don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Bring Yoga mat and any props that support your comfort such as pillow, blanket etc. Our Studio does have limited props on a first come, first serve basis.

Hands performing Reiki healing treatment.

Reiki l Certification


October 22nd | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reiki Master Teacher Rita Darabosh will teach this class, which includes meditation, Reiki I attunement, instruction, extensive manual, practice and certificate of completion. You will learn how to do Reiki on yourself, and others also learn how to add Reiki to certain acupressure points. As a Reiki student, you will have a centering and relaxation tool that is always with you and can be easily used throughout the day.