Upcoming Workshops & Certifications

Arise offers a variety of health and wellness workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics including Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupressure, meditation, herbal medicine and more! Explore our workshops to learn and experience a personal, in depth dive into ancient wisdom!

Summer Solstice Yoga Celebration

Cost:$17 drop in / Package/ Free for Members

Thursday, June 20th | 6:00pm

Radiate: Ignite Your Inner Flame

Join us for a transformative Summer Solstice Yoga Class led by Stephanie Matulle, a renowned Yoga Teacher, accompanied by live music from Ryan Hader, an amazing musician and kirtan artist. This powerful duo promises an evening of deep connection, vibrant energy, and inner awakening.

As the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice is a time to celebrate the fullness of life and harness the potent energy of the sun.You will be guided through a series of invigorating and grounding yoga poses and practices designed to align your body and mind with this powerful natural event. Whether you are a seasoned yogi or a beginner, this class offers an opportunity to deepen your practice and embrace the transformative energy of the solstice.

The experience will be elevated by intentional live music and sounds.The soulful melodies and chanting will create an immersive soundscape, enhancing your practice and helping you to connect more deeply with your inner self. The fusion of movement and music will awaken your spirit, ignite your inner flame, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

Come prepared to move, breathe, and celebrate in a supportive and uplifting environment. This is more than just a yoga class; it’s a journey into the heart of your being, a celebration of light, and a powerful ritual to honor the changing of the seasons.

Reserve your spot today and be a part of this extraordinary event. Let’s come together to honor the sun, our inner light, and the boundless potential that lies within us all.

Chakra Tai Chi

Cost:$17.00/Package/ Free for members

June 9th | 10:00-11:00am

Discover Chakra Tai Chi, a practice that revitalizes all your chakras by infusing fresh energy and releases stagnation. Rita will lead you through this transformative experience. Additionally, she will offer gentle yoga poses, diaphragmatic breathing, systematic relaxation tailored to the chakra system, ending with a serene meditation.

Complimentary for monthly yoga members, packages can be used or available at the drop in yoga price of $17

Empower Your Journey: Explore how a nutrition coach can help achieve your goals


June 25th | 5:45-6:15

Embark on your journey to wellness with this empowering FREE presentation Led by Sara Johnson, certified nutrition coach, this informational session offers a comprehensive exploration of the ways a nutrition coach can empower you to reach your goals. Discover how personalized guidance, meal plans, and expert advice can maximize your approach to nutrition and lifestyle choices.

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the impact a nutrition coach can have on your journey to optimal health. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, improve energy levels, enhance athletic performance, or simply adopt healthier eating habits, learn the benefits of working with a nutrition coach. 

Empower your journey today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!

FREE Beginners Yoga


June 2nd | 10:00-11:00a

Discover the essence of self-care through yoga—

a holistic journey for body, mind, and spirit, harmonized by the rhythm of breath, movement, and stillness. 

 This beginner’s experience welcomes newcomers, returnees, and seasoned practitioners seeking refinement. Explore techniques to enhance flexibility, reduce stress, cultivate strength, and foster equilibrium and well-being. Engage in foundational practices, embracing physical postures (Asana), breathwork (Pranayama), relaxation techniques, and meditation. 

Delve into posture basics and the art of transitioning gracefully between poses. Receive personalized attention and adjustments, ensuring a comfortable and enriching experience. 

Enjoy exclusive discounts for future classes, encouraging continued growth beyond the workshop.

Join Crystal Ketterhagen, the Owner of Modern Shamama and the creative force behind the Dance of Duality Healing Crystal Bracelets, for an enlightening and informative Crystal Workshop!


May 13th | 6-7:30pm

Join us for an enlightening workshop where you’ll learn lots of practical ways to work with crystals. Too often people build out their crystal collection without knowing how to actually harness their energy to support their needs. That’s why this workshop is focused on giving you the skills to activate any crystal. This way you can quickly tap into the incredible power of the mineral kingdom and feel their unwavering support. You’ll discover many ways to tap into a crystal’s power–and we’ll do lots of hands-on work and meditations with the crystals so you get an experiential sense of how crystals can empower your best self.

Dance of Duality Crystal Healing Bracelets will be available for purchase! Get a sneak peak here:

Ryan Hader & the Backward Echo Band Kirtan


June 7th | 7:00-9:00pm

Ryan Hader has been crafting his unique brand of musical mantra magic for almost two decades. Together with the Backward Echo Band, Ryan offers regular Kirtan events featuring call and response chanting of mantras rooted in ancient yogic traditions.

Connect with a deep part of yourself through ancient Vedic Mantra Music. Experience meditative states and induce feelings of overwhelming joy and positive energy!

Consider bringing your own cushion or bolster if you have one (though we do have some for use) if you favor floor seating; however, chair seating is also available.


Meditation in the Himalayan Tradition


May 29th, June 5th & 12th | 5:45-6:45PM

During this introduction to the process of meditation, participants will be offered the basic theory of the meditation practice, methods of establishing an individualized meditation seat/posture, methods of relaxation, methods of breath practice, and experiences that will prepare participants to begin their meditation journey. This class is for anyone who is new to meditation or those who would like a refresher to bring themselves back to meditation.

These three sessions will invite participants to build their practice from class to class in a specific sequence with emphasis on the experiences of their meditation. Meditation offers an opportunity for self care of the mind and spirit, an opportunity to rest more fully, an opportunity for a change of pace set by our current and past distractions.

In this three-session Beginning Meditation course with Certified meditation Instructor Rita Darabosh, you will learn the following:

-The asana postures for establishing stillness in a seated position –the five qualities of healthy diaphragmatic breathing

-Systematic relaxation methods –the secret of stilling the “monkey” mind

-The mantra/sound that establishes a smooth and continuous breath

Meditation class meets for 3 consecutive Wednesdays

Reiki II Certification


July 28th | 10:30am - 4:00 pm

Reiki ll opens the Reiki l student to an even greater flow of Universal Life Energy. In this class, you will learn Reiki symbols and how to use them for absentee Reiki and to enhance hands on Reiki, you will also get a brief overview of meridians.

 Includes meditation, Reiki ll attunement, instruction, manual, practice and certificate. Also included in this class is Central Channel Alignment. Central Channel Alignment is a protocol for grounding, chakra alignment and body balancing.

Prerequisites: Reiki l certification, and that it’s been at least 21 days since you took Reiki l. If your Reiki l teacher was someone other than Rita, please contact her at

Empower YOU!


June 1st-July 1st

FREE Empower YOU! June 1st – July 1st
A Personal Journey for Inner + Outer Growth
To make a commitment to the self, and to keep it, is the best gift we can give oneself to cultivate the deepest trust, wisdom and platform to propel forward on this journey we call life.

We would like to invite you to dive into a beautiful commitment to the Self that will allow an exploration of your own inner and outer personal worlds and will unveil the true depths of the wholesome truths that lie within – joy, trust, contentment, freedom, health, balance, love – pure empowerment from the inside out!

By keeping a promise you have made to yourself, by becoming better than you were yesterday, by allowing you to be your only competition; you gain the key to opening the door to trusting all of life, to understanding your unique self and its worthy value, you build the deep knowing that you always have you and ultimately that is all you need. You are your best teacher, your best guide, your best healer.

You choose: The number of classes per week that best serves you.
Choose any number of weekly classes, a minimum of 3 per week. 
Time commitment: 4 weeks

Achievement Award: Hold your commitment true to yourself and you will have given yourself invaluable gifts that will last a lifetime! In addition Arise will also honor you, your dedication, your hard work by giving you meaningful gifts and a chance to win a gift card!

Each participant to complete the program will receive –
T-shirt special to the Empower You program
Radiant Nectar, A Beautifying Body Serum that is pure love for the self and the senses
A chance to win one of two $50 Arise gift cards


TRACKER: Every time you come to class you simply give yourself the mark on the board for your presence. Remember this is an embodiment of working towards becoming YOUR best self, there isn’t a competition between us. We are here to cheer on ourselves & one another!

CLASSES: Minimum of 3 classes per week must be chosen, this amount of practice allows us to really get to the depths of change. All classes and workshops at Arise are valid.
Meet your weekly goal for 4 consecutive weeks to receive the inner + outer personal awards along with the gifts from Arise to honor your accomplishment!
QUESTIONS|MORE INFO: Contact the front desk 920.479.1046