FREE Empower YOU! June 1st – July 1st
A Personal Journey for Inner + Outer Growth
To make a commitment to the self, and to keep it, is the best gift we can give oneself to cultivate the deepest trust, wisdom and platform to propel forward on this journey we call life.

We would like to invite you to dive into a beautiful commitment to the Self that will allow an exploration of your own inner and outer personal worlds and will unveil the true depths of the wholesome truths that lie within – joy, trust, contentment, freedom, health, balance, love – pure empowerment from the inside out!

By keeping a promise you have made to yourself, by becoming better than you were yesterday, by allowing you to be your only competition; you gain the key to opening the door to trusting all of life, to understanding your unique self and its worthy value, you build the deep knowing that you always have you and ultimately that is all you need. You are your best teacher, your best guide, your best healer.

You choose: The number of classes per week that best serves you.
Choose any number of weekly classes, a minimum of 3 per week. 
Time commitment: 4 weeks

Achievement Award: Hold your commitment true to yourself and you will have given yourself invaluable gifts that will last a lifetime! In addition Arise will also honor you, your dedication, your hard work by giving you meaningful gifts and a chance to win a gift card!

Each participant to complete the program will receive –
T-shirt special to the Empower You program
Radiant Nectar, A Beautifying Body Serum that is pure love for the self and the senses
A chance to win one of two $50 Arise gift cards


TRACKER: Every time you come to class you simply give yourself the mark on the board for your presence. Remember this is an embodiment of working towards becoming YOUR best self, there isn’t a competition between us. We are here to cheer on ourselves & one another!

CLASSES: Minimum of 3 classes per week must be chosen, this amount of practice allows us to really get to the depths of change. All classes and workshops at Arise are valid.
Meet your weekly goal for 4 consecutive weeks to receive the inner + outer personal awards along with the gifts from Arise to honor your accomplishment!
QUESTIONS|MORE INFO: Contact the front desk 920.479.1046