Led by Stephanie Matulle and Cody James

Ground within your inner stability!

Turn inward to connect with the strength within to rise through the darkness to reach the light, the beauty, your deepest inner potential.

The introspective and reflective nature of the fall season can be used as an opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. The inward feeling of fall, characterized by the changing leaves, cooler weather, and a sense of transition, serves as a metaphor for turning inward and connecting with one’s true self.

During this season, as nature goes through a period of shedding and transformation, we can similarly take time to shed any emotional baggage, reassess our goals, and delve deeper into our thoughts and feelings. This introspection can lead to a better understanding of oneself and one’s aspirations.

As this process unfolds, inner clarity and connection to one’s truest self can then be expressed outwardly with grace and confidence. 

Join us at the beautiful Oshkosh Country Club Event Center for yoga led by Stephanie Matulle & live music with Cody James! Afterward enjoy a cup of chai tea from Arise Balanced Wellness and snacks from TJ’s Highland!

All levels welcome!