A deep-dive into the power of yogic relaxation and conscious rest to renew your energy, heal from burnout, and accelerate the benefits of your yoga practice.

There are many scientific studies now looking at the immense benefits of conscious relaxation (shavasana) and conscious rest. Shavasana is the most important pose to support your yoga practice, meditation practice and total wellbeing, yet shavasana practice is often skipped, truncated and misunderstood in popular yoga classes and styles across America.

Join Zach, and your fellow Arise Community, to learn the philosophy and science behind conscious rest to renew from burnout, and accelerate all the amazing benefits of your yoga practice.

We will:

A bit about Zach Ketterhagen

Zach Ketterhagen is an Executive Leadership Coach and Psycho-Spiritual Integration Coach. He works with yogi’s, light workers, executives, leaders, healers, and creatives to help them unlock their clarity and authentic leadership path so they can bring all of themselves to their unique purpose, mission and human experience. 

For the past 15+ years Zach was blessed to have studied and practiced with world renowned leaders of yoga, meditation, tantra, addiction and recovery, total wellbeing, business, purpose & drive, systems integration and more. It is in coaching and teaching leaders, creatives and heart-centered humans that Zach is practicing his highest dharma, impact and calling.

Zach is a tantra and yoga practitioner within the Sri Vidya Himalayan Tradition lineage of the Himalayan Institute. His passion is to support his client’s human experience no matter their faith, religion, or spiritual beliefs. 

Zach brings an immense amount of accessibility, energy and passion to his coaching and teachings to generate immense inspiration, passion, transformation and creative insight to enliven his client’s journey and clarity to support healing and their highest purpose. 

Zach’s wide array of coaching and teachings focus on supporting both the healing and empowering aspects of our human experience, including: transformational addiction and recovery, psychedelic integration, spiritual direction and development, clarity and leadership development, meditation, yoga, and more. Learn more at ZachKetterhagen.com 

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