Many scientific studies have discovered the surprising benefits of gratitude!

Benefits range all the way from sleeping better to a stronger immune system, an increase in resilience, and an increased capacity to build better relationships with yourself and others. With practice, you can cultivate a habit of gratitude and its many benefits. Yoga and mindfulness-based practices are the perfect environment to reinforce an appreciation for who you are and who you want to become–increasing our capacity for gratitude. In addition, the two pillars of yoga–practice (abhyasa) and non-attachment (vairagya)–are a helpful framework to increase your capacity for gratitude and realize your TRUE SELF.

We will:

-Practice an invigorating all-levels yoga practice to prime the mind, body and breath to harness the power of gratitude.
-Learn a simple and effective framework to inspire a daily gratitude practice.
-Practice an effective journaling technique to build the foundation for a self-sustaining gratitude habit.
-Get access to tools and practices to harness the power of gratitude to support your at-home practice

Please bring a notebook and pen. All-levels are welcome!