A wonderful opportunity for a community of women to experience personal growth, listening and reflection.

This circle is a place where all are equal

Within every adult, there exists a part of them that retains the emotions, experiences, and perspective of their childhood self. This inner child can influence one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in adulthood, often manifesting in patterns of behavior, emotional reactions, and unresolved issues stemming from childhood. Exploring and understanding the inner child is often a key aspect of therapy and personal growth, as it can lead to healing past wounds, fostering self-compassion, and promoting emotional well-being.

Join our Women Arise Circle focusing on Inner Child. 

We will address the impact of childhood hurt and trauma on confidence, inner strength, and self-worth. Through compassionate listening and sharing, we create a nurturing space for healing to commence. Connect with a community of supportive women and experience the safety of a healing environment.

Our circle honors speaking from the heart, honestly and openly. A safe place of non-judgment and confidentiality. A place to speak your truth and be heard or to just listen to others.

We will collectively speak to the question or topic. Listening fully with a willingness to grow, being open to the wisdom in each person, speaking from your own experience, thoughts, and feelings.

Women Arise offers a supportive space where women unite to converse and actively listen to one another with compassion and gratitude, fostering the initial stages of healing. Join a community of women who share similar values, forge new friendships, and experience the security of a nurturing environment conducive to healing.

Rita Darabosh, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Acupressure Practitioner, and teacher of wellness and self-care modalities will guide this beautiful experience. You may contact Rita with any questions at


Pre-registration is required. After registering you will receive an email containing additional information. Please read this information prior to the event. It is important to provide your email address when registering so you will receive this information. 

Please reach out to Rita via email if you would like to attend but are in need of financial assistance.