Experience the magic of Yin yoga with a combination of gongs & Tibetan bowls to produce whale-like echoes and melodic hums that is beautiful enough to send anyone into a total trance of tranquility. Sound healing is for the mind, body, and Soul. It offers relaxation and deep healing of the nervous system. The power of sound is such that it can alter brain waves from beta to alpha (relaxation), theta (meditative state) and even delta waves (sleep) and provides relaxation and healing of the nervous system. Accompanied with Yin yoga that brings a deep calmness to the mind and body. The focus will be on the internal rather than the external Yin classes are celebrated for their ability to calm the mind and body. They also come with little movement, as it’s more of a focus on the internal than the external, making this a perfect balance to receive a shower of sound. Bathe yourself with the vibrations that will cultivate deep restoration and offer the opportunity to bring you back to all that is truly important!