Elderberry Syrup

An effective natural medicine

Price: 8oz | $20 or 16 oz | $35

Product Description:

An effective natural medicine bringing health to the body in an array of ways. Potent cold & flu fighter along with many other benefits!

• Boosts the immune system
• Cold & flu relief
• Strongly anti-viral
• Sinus & respiratory infection aid
• Protects the body from variety of illness
• Relieves congestion
• Allergy relief
• Cough suppressant
• Anti-inflammatory
• High in Vitamins A, C, and B
• Potent antioxidant
• High in quercetin
• Aids in constipation relief

Suggested Use: Adults 1 Tbs, Kids 1 tsp. Taken daily for immunity or every 2-3 hours for illness. Refrigerate after opening. Shake well before use. *Special formulas made for pregnant women & children under the age of one. See additional products. Do not take if pregn
Ingredients: Dried elderberry, Wild Cherry Bark, Echinacea, Schisandra Berry, Ginger Root, Raw Honey, Cinnamon, Clove, Water