Yoga Classes

Group Yoga Class doing a chair pose in the Arise studio.

Our Oshkosh Yoga Studio

Yoga is a beautiful form of health, mental wellbeing, connection & self expression. Yoga frees the body from stress & tension, calms the mind, helps us connect to our spirit and is a direct guide to opening our hearts. Yoga has the true power to heal and assist with inner & outer growth.

We have created an inviting yoga studio for all abilities to practice. We have built a collective of highly skilled & experienced teachers committed to their offerings. We value the yogic tradition, all eight limbs of raja yoga, as well as equality, safety, sustainability, inclusion and compassion within all instruction. At Arise we understand the full potential of a rich yoga practice, we are dedicated to offering that to you. We are your community. Your yoga. 

Personal Yoga Sessions

Private sessions offer guidance to reach a wide variety of intentions. Common types of sessions include –

  • Beginner’s yoga

  • Advancing your personal practice

  • Alignment assistance

  • Healing from injury/body pain

  • Increasing quality of sleep

  • Breath work (Pranayama)

  • Meditation

  • Increasing athletic ability & endurance

  • Education on Yamas & Niyamas

Arise Yoga Class Icon

Group Yoga Classes

Group classes offer a variety of abilities the opportunity to explore Hatha yoga in a safe environment.

Postures (asana) will be explained thoroughly based on the needs of the students present. The encouragement of the connection between the mind, body, breath and spirit will be incorporated as you will be invited to explore inward.

Class may consist of postures (asana), breath work (pranayama), essential oil use, herb oil use, guided relaxation & mediation.

In the event the Wellness Center is closed, doors will be locked when class begins for the safety of all class participants. 

Introductory Class Pricing 

Two Week Unlimited | $25

1 – Drop-in Class | $17

5 – Class Package | $79

10 – Class Package | $149

Student (with ID) & Senior (65+) Drop in | $12 (Not available online, call or Pay in Person)

Student(with ID) & Senior (65+) 10 Class Package | $102 (Not available online, call or Pay in Person)

Student(with ID) & Senior (65+) 5 – Class Package | $ 52 (Not available online, call or Pay in Person)


Monthly Membership Pricing 

Special Pricing for Unlimited Yoga!

37.50 for the first month, $75 after!