About Us

Achieve Balanced Wellness

At Arise we are dedicated to the all-encompassing well-being of each individual. We believe quality of life is of the utmost importance and know that true healing starts with well rounded healthcare & self-care treatments. We start by considering our clients current physical, emotional, and spiritual state of the individual, meeting them where their level of health lies. 

Our comprehensive products and services include Ayurvedic medicine and traditional practices, all eight limbs of Yoga, Process & Clinical Acupressure, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Skin Care, an in house Herbal Pharmacy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, color therapy, and other healing modalities customized to each individual.

Comprehensive Health & Wellness

Yoga Classes

Yoga is a beautiful form of health, mental wellbeing, connection & self expression. Yoga frees the body from stress & tension, calms the mind, helps us connect to our spirit and is a direct guide to opening our hearts.

Ayurvedic Clinic

Ayurveda’s main goal is to create the most optimal environment within each unique body to obtain total health.

Health & Wellness Products

Herbal medicine is a healthy & effective remedy to the world of symptoms and imbalance. We formulate and produce all herbal formulas in our ‘in house’ pharmacy. We use only the highest quality, organic ingredients that come from socially responsible companies that offer plant sustainability. 

Educational Workshops

Ayurvedic Education Classes
Self-Care Classes 
Watch for more to come!

Massage Therapy

For our physical being, massage improves the function of the body, increases blood flow and lymph circulation, improves the function of the joints and muscles, increases flexibility and range of motion. 

Facials & Waxing

Facials are an essential part of your overall self-care routine. We customize your facial treatments to address your skin type and all concerns. It is our priority to use precise personalization and highly concentrated, organic skin care products, to bring only the very best benefits as rapidly as possible.

Our Leadership Team

Shannon Lett

Arise Operations Lead

Dr. Stephanie Matulle

Arise Owner - AyD, CAS, AHC, RYT

Rita Darabosh

Arise Owner - BA, ACPCAP, RMT