Massage Therapy

Woman getting a massage.

Relax & Find Balance

Arise Balanced Wellness provides a peaceful, nurturing environment for you to let go allowing you to unwind, find balance & heal. 

For our physical being, massage improves the function of the body, increases blood flow and lymph circulation, improves the function of the joints and muscles, increases flexibility and range of motion. This allows for our body to become relaxed and feel blissfully nurtured. 

For our mental & emotional being, massage increases endorphins and the feel good vibes in your Soul. By promoting relaxation and an internal self love, treatments will improve sleep, lower stress, ease depression and anxiety, and increase overall wellbeing. 

Massage is a very beneficial treatment to add to your wellness regime and is recommended once or twice per month for overall care.

30 Min | $47

60 Min | $87 | Deep Tissue | $97

90 Min | $127

Massage Treatments & Enrichments

We offer a wide range of massage treatments and treatment enrichments to customize your needs and receive the results you intend for. We use only organic and the highest quality oils, creams, and essential oils. 

Massage Offerings

Calm & Nurture

Chakra Balancing  

Prenatal Massage 

Recharge Mini 



Ayurvedic Foot Treatment 

Ayurvedic Scalp Massage

Bright Eyes 


Tranquil Stones 

Youthful Lip Treatment

Man getting Reiki healing acupressure massage.

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