Sara Johnson

Health & Nutrition Coach / Certified Personal Trainer

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About Sara Johnson

Sara is a Board Certified Health and Well-Being Coach. She was certified in Health and Well-being through Wellcoaches and received her board certification in June 2023. She is also certified in nutrition coaching, behavior change and personal training through NASM.  Sara believes that lifestyle management, healthy mindset and self-compassion are all pillars in creating and nourishing your best self.

Sara’s health coaching provides a supportive approach toward developing intrinsic motivation, creating impactful boundaries and instilling healthy habits and self-care. Her personal training mission is to provide a private, inclusive environment where women feel empowered to honor and appreciate their body. Training sessions will be timely, impactful and will focus on providing a variety of balance, strength training and cardio work for you to do in session and at home. Training and coaching sessions can be packaged together or purchased separately. 

Sara embodies the belief that your health and wellness are your everything. When she isn’t coaching or training, Sara spends her time at various sporting events with her husband and four children, Mya (14) and triplets, McHenry, Kamryn and Quinn (10). Life is incredibly busy with a large, active family. In her downtime, Sara enjoys walking their mini-golden doodle, Louie, listening to podcasts, and connecting with friends.

Phone: 920-479-1046