Upcoming Workshops & Certifications

Arise offers a variety of health and wellness workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics including Ayurveda, Reiki, Acupressure, meditation, herbal medicine and more! Explore our workshops to learn and experience a personal, in depth dive into ancient wisdom!

Restorative Yoga Training Workshop


Sunday, April 23rd | 1:30pm-5:30

Restorative yoga is a practice that allows for relaxation and rejuvenation of the body, ultimately bringing things back in balance. The practice impacts the nervous system and mitigates stress.

This training is beneficial both for yoga instructors, but also for caregivers and those who just wish to
broaden their personal yoga experience. Led by Cathy Hendricks EYT, RYT, PYT, Y4C and Certified
Relax and Renew™ Instructor, this will be 4 hours of hands on training.

Each participant will learn how to break down a pose, how to use props skillfully to support all body
types, experience the subtle adjustments, and when to adapt and modify poses.

By the end of this 4-hours you will have the knowledge and tools needed to establish a personal restorative practice in addition to setting up others in restorative poses. Walk away confident in your ability to lead and
engage participants or yourself in the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a restorative practice.

What You’ll Learn:
– Information on the history and founders of Restorative Yoga
– An understanding of the poses and how to expertly set up poses for yourself and others
– Principles and alignments of restorative yoga
– Common household items to use in the event you do not have traditional props
– How to work with different body sizes, shapes and abilities
– How to view this practice through the lens of self-care
What to Bring (only If you own them).

The studio has some props -but if you own them, it would be great to bring them:

– Yoga Mat
– 1-2 Bolsters
– 3 blankets
– Eye pillow or small hand towel

Chakra Balancing Restorative Yoga


March 24th | 5:30-7:30p

Join Melissa Benson, RYT 200 and Reiki Master

for an evening of restorative yoga and energy healing.

Connect and bring awareness to your chakras through restorative yoga and Reiki energy work while learning about the chakras and tips to prepare yourself for the transition from winter to spring.

This 2 hour journey will guide you through a soothing and healing experience to help you feel balanced, calm, and restored.

Please bring a mat and water.

Reiki Master Certification


May 21st | 10a-4p

The Reiki III or Reiki Master attunement opens the Reiki II student to the full
flow of Reiki Energy. In this class, you will learn additional Reiki symbols
and the Reiki breathing technique which can be used to enhance your own
energy and the absentee Reiki process and a chakra balancing technique.
Includes meditation, Reiki III attunement, instruction, chakra balancing,
practice, mentoring, manual and certificate. Taught by Reiki Master Teacher
Rita Darabosh. Prerequisites: Reiki I & II certification and that it’s been at
least 21 days since you took your Reiki II class.

Reiki Share + Live Music with Cody James


April 2nd | 10a-12p

Welcome Reiki II and Reiki Master Practitioners to Reiki share and mini workshop with music by Cody James!

We will focus on Reiki symbols used in a Reiki session. You will have practice giving and receiving a Reiki session including Reiki symbols and Central Channel Alignment.

Please bring your Central Channel and Reiki symbols handouts. I will have extras if you need them.

Rita will contact you prior to the workshop if practitioners need to bring their table.

Hands performing Reiki healing treatment.

Reiki l Certification


April 16th | 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Reiki Master Teacher Rita Darabosh will teach this class, which includes meditation, Reiki I attunement, instruction, extensive manual, practice and certificate of completion. You will learn how to do Reiki on yourself, and others also learn how to add Reiki to certain acupressure points. As a Reiki student, you will have a centering and relaxation tool that is always with you and can be easily used throughout the day.