During this introduction to the process of meditation, participants will be offered the basic theory of the meditation practice, methods of establishing an individualized meditation seat/posture, methods of relaxation, methods of breath practice, and experiences that will prepare participants to begin their meditation journey. This class is for anyone who is new to meditation or those who would like a refresher to bring themselves back to meditation.

These three sessions will invite participants to build their practice from class to class in a specific sequence with emphasis on the experiences of their meditation. Meditation offers an opportunity for self care of the mind and spirit, an opportunity to rest more fully, an opportunity for a change of pace set by our current and past distractions.

In this three-session Beginning Meditation course with Certified meditation Instructor Rita Darabosh, you will learn the following:

-The asana postures for establishing stillness in a seated position –the five qualities of healthy diaphragmatic breathing

-Systematic relaxation methods –the secret of stilling the “monkey” mind

-The mantra/sound that establishes a smooth and continuous breath

Meditation class meets for 3 consecutive Wednesdays